The Shawmut Education mission provides a database of homeless shelters and food service programs initiated by the Task Force to End Homelessness which is a subcommittee of the Boston Society of Architects.

Boston Homeless is a project of Shawmut Education. Shawmut Education is a non profit organization with a component of its mission being to "Identify organizations working with the target population, maintain a database of service providers, develop and maintain websites for such organizations, and custom design a computer education training curriculum to be implemented in order to provide skill set".

What the Task Force began as a printed catalog covering the Boston, Massachusetts area, is now poised to be one of the largest databases of this type, available to the public. What is even more amazing is that it is the target population that learns a skill while maintaining the tool!

Its all a part of our Capacity Building "OSCAP" methodology. Thanks for visiting and check back soon.


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